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No installation hassles
No installation hassles
No installation hassles
No installation hassles
Why use Sage One
Invoicing has never been this easy

Whether you are buying from your Suppliers or selling to your Customers, with Sage One your accounting could not be easier. With our Mobile Apps you are even able to invoice and quote on the go!

right at your fingertips

Nothing is more important to you than the knowledge that your business is on the right track. With our customisable dashboards, you can gain an instant understanding of how your business is performing.

Save time with Bank Feeds

No more importing, no more manual processing and no more bank reconciliations! Simply link your online bank account to Sage One and each day your accounting records will be updated automatically.

Your own professional Customer Zone!

Give your customers access to a professional side of your business by enabling your Customer Zone. Your customers will be able to view their invoices online, accept quotes and keep track of their statements!

What our Customers are saying

As an organisation serving the SME market, we needed business software that was available online, anywhere, anytime. We find Sage One an easy-to-use accounting solution that I'd even recommend to our members.

Mike Anderson
CEO - National Small Business Chamber

Sage One is the perfect tool for our Sound Engineer's Project Management course. Our industry is so reliant on cloud computing that it makes absolute sense to train our students to manage their own accounts and projects with an online business solution.   A good working knowledge of Sage One enhances their competitiveness beyond the fundamentals of sound engineering.

Timothy Kraft
Managing Director - Academy of Sound Engineering

As an accountant, the fact that I can log into the same live system on which my clients work, saves me a huge amount of time. My clients can capture transactions and I can just log in to do checks and adjustments. It reduces traveling to and from my clients. I think it is an awesome product. Well done!

Pierre Gouws CA(SA)
Cencea Incorporated Chartered Accountants

I run a small business so I needed a package that suited my budget. I run all aspects of the business including the book keeping and because I was familiar with the brand, I knew Sage One was a product I could trust.

Natasha Fowler
Hip2B Square Café & Stationers
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Our Favourite Comments

Sage One will be the only accounting software that I will ever recommend to anyone.

Anika Lacante
Lacante Plumbing

Really convenient and user-friendly. Loving it!

Beaudine Southon
Sobeau Trading and Projects

It helps to keep me focused on my business. Thank you.

Kuli Shongwe

Very user-friendly! Thank you for such a great product!

Mariana Nel
Righthand Actions Media

Support was very patient and helpful when guiding me through the set-up process.

Jan Burger
Woelwater Dagsorg

Spoke to support and what a nice experience, very helpful and friendly. I am impressed.

Hanlizette Therom
Modus Technology

This is the most user-friendly accounting software I have ever used. FANTABULOUS.

Sharon Dowdeswell
Norweb Electrical

It even works for people who know nothing about accounting!

Yolanda De Witt

This is awesome. I can keep track online of all my transactions for my business, yay!

Pralene Wilson
African Dolphin Media

Awesome software. Easy to use, fast and very intuitive. Even for non-financial users.

Mike Gorton
Prorex Trading

Sage One is the best program ever! All my important information is readily at hand.

Daniel Rumbak
Wow Investments

Thank you very much for a great product!

Tobie Hugo
TH Security Solutions

The service from Sage One is awesome!

Kwanele Gqomfa
Zikhali Technologies

I have found this and it is heavenly.

Toni Burton
Zizamele Ceramics

Sage One rocks! I enjoyed linking to my bank account for automatic updates. It's so user friendly.

Sue Heyman

The more I use Sage One Accounting the better it is!

Huda Lockhat
Lanso Financial Services

Love the program. The more I use it the greater it is. Simple and user friendly.

Mandy Bompass
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Training and Webinars

Whether you are a professional, an already experienced user or just a beginner, our training solutions will assist you by contributing to your company's overall success. You'll feel more confident with the process while getting maximum use out of your accounting software. Short for web-based seminar, a webinar is an interactive presentation where product information is demonstrated and discussed online.

Accountants Edition

Our Accountants Edition was designed with you, the Accountant, in mind. Specific features will allow you to manage your clients from one convenient place. My Tasks is designed to help you keep track of the various accounting and bookkeeping tasks you do for each of your clients. My Calendar gives you a quick overview of what you need to do each day. Get started by inviting your clients to use Sage One, or they can invite you.

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New Features

Sage One is constantly evolving. There are no upgrade hassles - you don't need to worry about installing new versions of software, you will automatically be working on the latest version of our software. You can also get all the information you need about our product, new releases and interesting news on our News and Updates page.